Today I also learned that in the series the Addams family, they had a very difficult time trying to translate everyone’s names. Because so much of it has to do with English puns, they translated certain names differently, and sometimes the translation differs depending on Spain or Latin America.

So for instance…

  • Gomez is unchanged in Spain but got turned into Homero in Latin America.
  • Morticia stayed the same in both.
  • Uncle Fester is Tío Fétido because fétido/a means “smelling badly” in Spain. His name is Lucas in Latin America.
  • Pugsley stays the same in Spain. His name in Latin America is Pericles. I assume because of (historical) Pericles’ funeral oration during the Peloponnesian War.
  • Wednesday is Miércoles [Wednesday] in Spain. In Latin America her name becomes Merlina which is from “Merlin” the wizard.
  • Lurch stays the same in Spain. In Latin America he’s Largo “long”
  • Thing is Cosa [Thing] in Spain; and Dedos ”fingers” in Latin America.
  • Cousin It is Primo Eso [Cousin It/That One] in Spain… and in Latin America he’s Tío Cosa ”Uncle Thing”

Translation is a very weird business.

Merlina also means “blackbird” in…Latin, I believe?

The musical added a new level of difficulty: Wednesday’s fiance is named Lucas in the English original. As far as I can tell, the Argentina production changed his name to Tomás.


"I See The Light" gives me Wednesday/Lucas feels.

Because Lucas comes from a Latin word meaning “light,” and he really is. He makes Wednesday realize that not all light is annoying or oppressive or out to change her. And, even though she’s of the darkness, she brings a kind of light into his life, too: love, freedom, and strength.

I’m probably not supposed to take anything Addams Family-related this seriously, but I’m not sorry. They’re an amazing couple.



Headcanon: Wednesday is bi. Morticia is straight with occasional exceptions. Pubert is gay. No-one cares, because this is the Addams family.

(Seriously, though, fanfics where Morticia and Gomez freak out because one of the kids is in love with another boy or girl confuse me. In a house with dead ancestors hanging around, a giant squid in the basement, a pet lion, and whatever Grandma is doing in the attic, liking the same gender isn’t even a blip on the strangeness radar. Come on; they would give none of the fucks.)


"Death Is Just Around The Corner" ASL interpretation.

By davinthegeek on YouTube.


Question for TAFM fans.

So, we all know and love the Addams Family musical, right? Well, addams-beineke brought to my attention recently that the casting call for the non-Equity tour specified that all parts were to be played by Caucasian actors.

I guess they were trying to be as close to the Broadway cast as possible, but it got me thinking. There’s really no good reason that the Beinekes in particular have to be white. Yes, they have a German name, but that really just means someone somewhere in the family tree was German. They could be any race.

There’s also the fact that Gomez has been previously played by Puerto Rican actor Raul Julia (in the movies). In the original comics he’s portrayed as having slightly darker skin than the rest of the family, except Grandma- who, yes, was intended to be his mother. And, of course, the role of Wednesday was originated on Broadway by Latina actress Krysta Rodriguez. The choice to ask for Caucasian Wednesdays makes a bit more sense, since the character is traditionally pale, but as KRod demonstrated, being pale and being 100% white aren’t always the same thing.

Also, the ancestors are ghosts. They could be literally anything. Because, really, the idea that the Addamses have been around so long and had no racial intermarriage strains suspension of disbelief. Also, the actors are all under so much chalky makeup, even if they’re white to begin with, that it’s hard to tell.

So how would you guys feel about color-blind casting for the Beinekes and ancestors? 


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